Build a Highly Profitable Bariatric Business

Without Burnout


Increase Your Profit Margin by 6-7+ Figure



As a specialist in your field, your consultations can become very repetitive and fatiguing.  As your case load increases, it becomes harder to manage all your patients, and your workload intensifies too much.

The time and costs associated with managing staff turn over.  Clients failure to attend appointments and loss to follow up, is lost direct and passive income into your business.  You likely do not have systems in place to attract new referrals automatically, hence not needing staff involvement.


It's Time To Stop Making These Costly Mistakes. 

Are you still only offering consultations on an individual basis?


  • Only offering individual appointments, there is an absolute cap to the potential of your income, as you only get paid for your direct time spent with the patient. Your business’s income can’t be scaled by 7+ figure


  • Only offering individual consultations is very time intensive, which will lead to your clinical and personal burnout


  • Only offering individual consultations as a specialist, results in a strong repetitive element to your clinical consultations.  This will lead to your clinical burnout.


  • Only offering individual consultations considerably limits the number of patients you can physically consult, hence limiting your potential income


  • Only offering individual consultations will limit the number of patients you and your clinic can manage long term adequately, leading to patient loss to follow up and loss to the potential of your income being scales beyond getting paid for your direct time spent with a client


Not having multiple income streams entering your Bariatric Practice


  • A lack of diversity of your Bariatric Practice's income streams will limit the potential income of your business.  Your practice has a minimum potential of six different income streams to be utilized within your business and increase your profits.  


  • A lack of diversity of your Bariatric Practices income streams limits you to being paid just for your time consulting and performing surgeries is holding back your potential income considerably.   There are numerous income streams that can be incorporated that will increase your passive income and improve patient care


How much is your online presence costing you new referrals ?


  • Your online presence could be costing you multiple new referrals each week.  An attractive and glossy looking websites do not guarantee an influx of enquiries. What is the goal of your website?  It must be more than just information sharing.  I describe this as an expensive brochure.  


  • Stop your online presence costing you money, by ensuring your website and social media efficiently answer the key questions of each of your target client profiles pre and post surgery.  Your online presence also must be an automatic marketing machine for you to grow your business's personal database and do the marketing of your practice for you remotely and take the strain off your staff and save you thousands of dollars paying someone else to do this for you.


Imagine how much better your lifestyle could be, by working fewer hours and increasing your profit margins?

As a surgeon your expertise is to perform surgery and guide your patients medically to a full and safe recovery, post their weight loss surgery.

My expertise has been educating our Bariatric Clients, via different methods.  These include on an individual basis (in person and telehealth) , group programs (in person and online – for pre, post and long term post surgery), chat forums, self directed online educational videos and programs , automated and direct email support. 


Over the past 20+ years I have perfected this unlimited support Bariatric Program.  You may think how can unlimited support be provided and not overload the allied health staff?  There certainly is a guaranteed way to achieve this.  I have perfected this system over the past 10years.

Market research has guided the successful development of this program, with a 90% patient retention rate and clear preference over just individual appointments.

With over 20years experience, I can help you instantly increase your direct consultancy fee by 2-3 fold and reduce your workload by 50%.  With the addition of some software into your clinic, I can further progress your business's profit margin of a 6-7+ figure within 12months. 

You can choose from one of three options:

  1. I do all the work for you
  2. I coach you through how to do it yourself
  3. Teach yourself via my book explaining every step for you. 

The flow chart below provides a summary of the process


To Grow Your Highly Profitable Bariatric Practice, Without Burnout

There are three options to choose from as highlighted below



I will do all the work for you, completed in 4 weeks

Within four weeks I will implement all the software for you to increase your profits instantly and increase your profits by 6-7+ figure

Yes, I want to learn more

I will coach you to to the work yourself

If you would like me to coach you and your team  personally how to implement the program into your practice please contact me directly 

Yes, I will contact Helen to discuss

You can learn yourself, by reading my book

The ebook provides an explanation step by step how you can implement the changes yourself into your Bariatric Practice, also included video tutorials to guide you

Yes, I want to learn more